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Hidden E-mail

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Name Hidden E-mail
What it does Reduces Spam
What it costs Free
Link Required Optional
Download none required

Hidden E-mail is a simple script that creates a "mail to" link that can be inserted into your web page.

Surfers can send you an e-mail by clicking on this link, but E-mail Harvestors can't decipher the e-mail address and therefore can't send spam to you.

How to use:- type the e-mail address you want to hide from E-mail Harvestors in the form below, and click "Create".

The script then obscures the e-mail address and creates the Javascript code required to use it, all that is required is to copy the created code into your web page to fool those nasty web bots.

The script contains a link to this page, please leave it intact. Thankyou

E-mail address

Linking Text

Subject (optional)

Your E-mail link should appear below after you have pressed [Create]
Test it by clicking on it

Copy the following code into the Head of each page that you require an e-mail link on.
only one required per page

Copy this code wherever you want the email address link to appear.
you may want multiple e-mail addresses eg: sales, service etc...